You Are Invited

You're Invited Church Photo Circle


You can customize the cover of this Gospel tract with your Church name and photo. This two-panel tract includes the Gospel and a clear invitation to be saved.

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Mimi Redick 19th Jun 2018

Excellent Product. Fast Turn Around. Great staff!

This is our second experience with Local Church resources and both times have been great! They are personal, professional and have a quality product! If you are looking for value and quality - look no further!

J. Bret Wiley, Pastor 16th Nov 2012

Excellent "combo" Tracy

Most tracts are either an invitation to church with the gospel somewhere on it, or a gospel presentation with just church information. This tract is successfully and practically both. It is clearly an invitation to the church, but makes the gospel the theme on the inside. It's attractive, with excellent professional coloring, and inexpensive. We just received our first order of these and we already know we'll order more!

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