The Importance of One

The Importance of One-Teal Arrows Spanish


This Spanish tract was written with a lost person in mind. "The Importance of One" explains core issues of man's sinful nature, the three aspects of death, the deity of Christ, the meaning of "believing," and the uncertainty of the future… in a way that anyone (regardless of religious background or the lack thereof) can easily understand its Gospel message. At the end of each point, there is a question to help the reader come to conclusions about what they just read. Every point presented comes from and is backed-up by Scripture. Balancing thoroughness and conciseness, this tract stays right on target by reiterating its theme: "The Importance of One." The message is clear:

ONE way to Heaven. 

ONE man's disobedience (Adam). 

ONE penalty for sin. 

ONE Man's obedience (Jesus Christ). 

ONE way to be saved. 

ONE day it will be too late. 

Anyone who knows Jesus Christ as their Savior understands that there is a lot of significance in each ONE! Help others understand this truth too! This tract has a variety of designs/covers and is perfect to give to someone who may be confused in thinking there are many paths to eternal life, has questions concerning death, and/or acknowledges that Jesus existed but has not trusted in Him alone for eternal life… (at least one of these represents most lost people today).

We trust that the Lord will use this presentation of the Gospel as you share it with each ONE you meet all along the way!

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